Alphabetical Quiz 14

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many thanks Ted, a great idea.

The idea is that all the answers to the following questions follow each other in alphabetical order.

1. What was name of Armstrong/Aldrin's lunar module?

2. What comic featured the adventures of Dan Dare?

3. Which was Britain's first sound film studio?

4. Where would you find your cochlea?

5. Biology - what is the Tympanum better known as?

6. Name the first woman to fly solo across Atlantic.

7. On what island are there statues called Mauis?

8. What was Linda McCartney's maiden name?

9. Clint Eastwood starred in Play Misty for Me. Who directed it?

10. Name Captain Marryat's midshipman

11. What street was subject of a Charlie Chaplin film?

12. In which country is the volcano Cotopaxi situated? .

13. Which Swede in 1987 was the first man for 40 years to win a match at Wimbledon without losing a game?

14. Who played the PM in Yes Prime Minister?

15. Who was played by Jennifer Saunders in Absolutely Fabulous?

16. In which city is Heriot-Watt university?

17. Which is Scotland's most-visited building?

18. On 27th January 1879 who patented the first electric lamp

19. Which Ford car was a total flop?

20. On what do local authorities currently spend the greatest part of their revenue?

21. In which country was Omar Sharif born?

22. What country joined EEC at same time as UK?

23. Whose airline coach was attacked by terrorists in London in 1978?

24. Which battle of 1942 did Churchill call 'the end of the beginning'?

25. On what river does Hamburg stand?

26. Who was Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar better known as?

27. What was the name of the disastrous, sun drenched soap launched by the B.B.C. in 1992.?

28. At the start of a game of the UK version of Monopoly, if you threw a double-six, where would you land?

29. What did Col. Jacob Schick patent on 6 Nov 1928?

30. What is the only mammal that CANNOT jump?

31. Which prophet denounced Ahab and Jezebel?

32. Who wrote the poems on which the musical Cats was based?

33. Name Brody's wife in Jaws

34. Which great jazz musician composed the music to the film Anatomy of a Murder?

35. What was the name of the lioness in Born Free?

36. Which comedian wrote Blackadder with Richard Curtis?

37. What are Young eels called ? .

38. Name the official residence of President of France

39. Who designed Princess Diana's wedding dress?

40. What was the Christian name of the suffragette Mrs Pankhurst?


1. The Eagle

2. The Eagle

3. Ealing

4. ear

5. Ear Drum

6. Amelia Earhart

7. Easter Island

8. Eastman.

9. Clint Eastwood

10. Easy.

11. Easy Street

12. Ecuador

13. Stefan Edberg

14. Paul Eddington

15. Edina

16. Edinburgh

17. Edinburgh Castle.

18. Thomas Edison

19. Edsel.

20. Education.

21. Egypt

22. Eire

23. El Al

24. El Alamein

25. Elbe

26. El Cid

27. Eldorado

28. Electricity Board

29. Electric Shaver

30. Elephant

31. Elijah.

32. TS Eliot

33. Ellen.

34. Duke Ellington

35. Elsa

36. Ben Elton

37. Elver

38. Elysee Palace

39. The Emmanuels

40. Emmeline


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