Alphabetical Quiz 15

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many thanks Ted, a great idea.

The idea is that all the answers to the following questions follow each other in alphabetical order.

1. Anne/Charlotte were 2 of Bronte sisters. 3rd?

2. Who rules an Emirate?

3. Name Ice Patrol ship reprieved due to Falklands War.

4. What is the opposite of enervating?

5. What nickname was used for Henry Cooper's left hook?

6. Who played 'Dermot' in the first series of Men Behaving Badly?

7. Which organisation owns Stonehenge?

8. Who was Cain's eldest son?

9. In biology, what are a group of proteins which act as catalysts?

10. What is the outermost layer of skin called?

11. What name is given to the spine injection to stop pain during child birth ? .

12. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta..?

13. On what racecourse is Tattenham Corner?

14. What was the name of the cow in the Magic Roundabout?

15. What statue is in the middle of Picadilly Circus?

16. Name the annual trophy awarded in the USA for the best porn film

17. On 4th October 1911, what could the public ride on at Earls Court Underground station for the first time

18. What was the nickname of the gypsy girl who was loved by Quasimodo in the story of the 'Hunchback of Notre Dame'?

19. What's the best-known artificial international language?

20. Who claim to 'put a tiger in your tank'?

21. Which famous Portuguese motor racing circuit is on the Atlantic coast near Lisbon?

22. On 30th March 1842 what was used as an anaesthetic for the first time

23. What is the main diet of the Koala bear?

24. Who is known as the Father of Geometry?

25. ESRA was first formed in Paris on 14th June 1962, what is ESRA

26. Who had a Hit with There must be an angel playing with my heart?

27. What does the organisation EXIT promote the use of?

28. Which tennis player is nicknamed The Ice Maiden?

29. Of what is pantophobia the fear?

30. What was the sequel to the film Every Which Way But Loose?

31. Which character returned from the dead, in a shower in 'Dallas'?

32. According to Arthurian legend what did the Lady of the lake give to Arthur?

33. What is the County Town of Devon?

34. What philosophy is associated with Jean-Paul Sartre?

35. Which moor was the centrepiece of the book Lorna Doone?

36. What Leon Uris novel recounts the birth of Israel?

37. Which two words were substituted for swear words on the Watergate tapes?

38. What facial feature is missing from the Mona Lisa

39. What part of the body does lacrimal fluid lubricate?

40. What name is given to an eagles nest ?


1. Emily

2. Emir.

3. Endurance

4. Energising.

5. 'Enery's 'ammer

6. Harry Enfield

7. English Heritage

8. Enoch

9. Enzymes

10. Epidermis

11. Epidural

12. Epsilon

13. Epsom

14. Ermintrude

15. Eros

16. Erotica Award

17. Escalators

18. Esmeralda

19. Esperanto

20. Esso.

21. Estoril

22. Ether

23. Eucalyptus leaves

24. Euclid

25. European Space Research Agency

26. Eurythmics

27. Euthanasia

28. Chris Evert

29. Everything.

30. Every Which Way You Can

31. Bobby Ewing

32. Excalibur

33. Exeter

34. Existentialism

35. Exmoor

36. Exodus

37. Expletive deleted

38. Eyebrows

39. Eyes

40. Eyrie.


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