Alphabetical Quiz 16

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many thanks Ted, a great idea.

The idea is that all the answers to the following questions follow each other in alphabetical order.

1. What king of Saudi Arabia was assassinated in 1975?

2. What sailing event ended in disaster in 1979?

3. Who is Thomas the Tank Engine's boss?

4. What was the name of the school in Please Sir?

5. In Magnum, what make of car does Thomas Magnum drive?

6. Who was Roxy Music's lead singer?

7. What cap was is named after Moroccan city?

8. What was Beethoven's only opera?

9. Who did James Bolam play in Only When I Laugh?

10. What sport uses the term "double axel"?

11. What is the famous cave on the island of Staffa?

12. What sport uses plugs and leaders?

13. Who immortalized the song Underneath the Arches?

14. Who discovered Penicillin?

15. Who created James Bond?

16. In what city is Michaelangelo's David?

17. Who had a hit in 1960s with Let's go to San Francisco?

18. What is DJ Alan Freeman's nickname?

19. What was the Wright brothers' plane called (first flight)?

20. What is The Sweeney rhyming slang for?

21. In the film Fail Safe, who played the US President?

22. Who won Best Actress Oscar in 1972 film Klute?

23. What acid is the cause of a nettle's sting?

24. What was Taiwan's previous name?

25. In Dynasty, who played Blake Carrington?

26. Who did Liz Taylor marry in 1992?

27. What town is at the Western end of Caledonian Canal?

28. Who played Van Der Valk?

29. In which castle was Mary, Queen of Scots executed?

30. Who had a Hit in 1962 with Big Girls Don't Cry?

31. Who played Corporal Flogger Hoskins in The Army Game?

32. What Aesop animal assumed that grapes he couldn't reach were sour anyway?

33. What former Royal Jockey is now a famous author?

34. Who invented the Lightning Conductor?

35. Who won the Fight of the Century on 8 March 1971?

36. What appear when the Sun activates your Melanocytes?

37. In radio, what do the initials FM stand for?

38. What type of Cow produces 80% of UK's milk needs?

39. What was originally called the Pluto Platter?

40. Who is the hunter who never catches Bugs Bunny?


1. King Faisal

2. Fastnet Race

3. Fat Controller

4. Fenn St. School

5. Ferrari

6. Bryan Ferry

7. Fez

8. Fidelia

9. Figgis

10. Figure Skating

11. Fingal's Cave

12. Fishing

13. Flanagan & Allen

14. Alexander Fleming

15. Ian Fleming

16. Florence

17. Flowerpot Men

18. Fluff

19. Flyer

20. Flying Squad

21. Henry Fonda

22. Jane Fonda

23. Formic

24. Formosa

25. John Forsythe

26. Larry Fortensky

27. Fort William

28. Barry Foster

29. Fotheringay

30. Four Seasons

31. Harry Fowler

32. The Fox

33. Dick Francis

34. Benjamin Franklin

35. Joe Frazier

36. Freckles

37. Frequency Modulation

38. Friesian

39. The Frisbee

40. Elmer Fudd


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