Alphabetical Quiz 17

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many thanks Ted, a great idea.

The idea is that all the answers to the following questions follow each other in alphabetical order.

1. Who was Lancelot's son in Arthurian legend?

2. Who did Nathuran Godse kill on 30 January 1948?

3. On what river do the cities of Patna & Calcutta stand?

4. Which Snooker referee is known as Ball Crusher?

6. What was Greta Gustafsson's stage name?

7. What is the most common Spanish surname?

8. What actress's real name was Frances Gumm?

9. Which West Indies cricketer was nicknamed Big Bird?

10. What is January's birthstone?

11. On which river does Bordeaux stand?

12. Who hosted University Challenge for 25 years?

13. What was the name of the machine gun first used in the US Civil War?

14. What is the name of Shrewsbury Town's home ground?

15. In what constellation are the twins Castor and Pollox?

16. What horse won the 1991 Epsom Derby?

17. Who was the last of the Apache warrior chiefs?

18. Where do the Ashanti people live? .

19. Where on Iberian peninsula is the Trafalgar Graveyard?

20. Who led the Dambusters raid in WW2?

21. In Monty Python, who did the zany animations?

22. In which British city is the Peoples' Palace museum?

23. Name Dennis the Menace's dog.

24. What animal provides Moroccan leather?

25. What is Mongolia's famous desert?

26. Who was Hitler's Minister of Propaganda?

27. What colour is the bullseye worth in Archery?

28. In which James Bond movie does Pussy Galore appear?

29. What kind of animal was Geppetto's pet Cleo?

30. What did G K Chesterton describe as "an expensive way of playing marbles"?

31. What is the appropriate name of the largest type of frog?


1. Galahad

2. Gandhi

3. The Ganges

4. Len Ganley

6. Greta Garbo

7. Garcia

8. Judy Garland

9. Joel Garner

10. Garnet

11. Garonne

12. Bamber Gascoigne

13. Gatling Gun

14. Gay Meadow

15. Gemini

16. Generous

17. Geronimo

18. Ghana

19. Gibraltar

20. Guy Gibson

21. Terry Gilliam

22. Glasgow

23. Gnasher

24. Goat

25. Gobi desert

26. Joseph Goebbels

27. Gold

28. Goldfinger

29. Goldfish

30. Golf

31. Goliath frog of W.Africa  


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