Alphabetical Quiz 18

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many thanks Ted, a great idea.

The idea is that all the answers to the following questions follow each other in alphabetical order.

1. AuH2O in 1964' was whose slogan?

2. Who did Dennis Weaver play in Gunsmoke?

3. Who partnered Bob Monkhouse in early showbiz days?

4. In which RADIO programme was there a character called Bluebottle?

5. What British general was killed at Khartoum?

6. Who played Meg Mortimer in Crossroads?

7. What city do Batman and Robin patrol?

8. What Hollywood actress was nicknamed The Legs?

9. Name the German pocket battleship scuttled in 1939 off Montevideo harbour. .

10. Who wrote The Wind in the Willows?

11. London's Little Venice is a basin of which canal?

12. What kind of apple is on The Beatles' Apple label?

13. Who played the brothers who ran The Paradise Club?

14. Who did David Jason play in Open All Hours?

15. What is common name for the fruit Citrus Grandis?

16. Who became host of Generation Game in 1978?

17. What 1940 Charlie Chaplin film satirised Hitler?

18. What Hit:Frankie Vaughan (56);Shakin Stevens (81)?

19. Who wrote The Third Man?

20. Where in Berkshire were Britain's first Cruise missiles based?

21. In 1985, which beauty queen joined Frank Bough to present Breakfast Time?

22. What non-alcoholic drink is made from Pomegranate juice?

23. Monaco is ruled by which House?

24. In what hosp was first Heart Transplant op performed?

25. What Hit:Mindbenders (66);Phil Collins (88)?

26. Who played Benson, the butler in Soap?

27. Who makes Harp lager?

28. Which part of the body is afflicted by gingivitis

29. What is a blunderbuss?

30. What was the first book set in Type?


1. Barry Goldwater's, when he was standing for President of the USA

2. Chester Goode

3. Dennis Goodwin

4. The Goons

5. Charles Gordon

6. Noele Gordon

7. Gotham City

8. Betty Grable

9. Graf Spee

10. Kenneth Graham

11. Grand Union Canal

12. Granny Smith

13. Leslie Grantham & Don Henderson

14. Granville

15. Grapefruit

16. Larry Grayson

17. Great Dictator

18. Green Door

19. Graeme Greene

20. Greenham Common

21. Debbie Greenwood

22. Grenadine

23. Grimaldi

24. Groote Schuur

25. Groovy kind of love

26. Robert Guillaume

27. Guinness

28. Gums.

29. Gun

30. Gutenberg Bible


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