Alphabetical Quiz 19

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many thanks Ted, a great idea.

The idea is that all the answers to the following questions follow each other in alphabetical order.

1. In Yes Minister, what is the name if the Minister?

2. Name the English captain in Tin Tin

3. What makes blood red?

4. Which musical opened at the Shaftsbury Theatre in London the day after censorship in the Theatre was lifted

5. What are you if you are Hirsute?

6. What can Earthlings see every 76 years?

7. What is the capital of Bermuda?

8. What is world's largest toy shop, on Regent St London?

9. In the TV original Forsythe Saga, who played Fleur?

10. What is name of official report of proceedings in Parliament?

11. What song is most frequently sung in England?

12. What is the capital of Zimbabwe?

13. What kind of beans are Baked Beans?

14. Who played Adam Adamant in the 1960/70s?

15. Who was the second presenter of The Old Grey Whistle Test?

16. Who starred in The Sporting Life as a Rugby League player?

17. In which TV programme did the plasticine man Morph first appear?

18. In which town was Juliet Bravo set?

19. What is the capital of Cuba?

20. What is the fruit of the Hawthorne called?

21. Who starred in the WW2 film The Cruel Sea?

22. From which tree do we get cobnuts?

23. On whose life was the film Citizen Kane based?

24. What was Paul McCartney's No. 1 choice on Desert Island Discs?

25. Who designed the first jet plane?

26. Who is Hagar The Horrible's wife?

27. Which hero does Prince Adam turn into with the aid of power from Greyskull castle?

28. Who played Bullman?

29. Who was the black comedian in Tiswas?

30. Who won Best Actress Oscar for the 1969 film the Lion in Winter?

31. The Romans called him Hercules. What did the Greeks call him?

32. In which programme did Parsley the Lion and Dill the Dog appear?

33. The resistance fighter who defied the Normans from the Isle of Ely

34. In Minder, what does Arthur Daley call his wife?

35. Term for animal or plant which is both Male and female?

36. In Greek mythology, who was the Messenger of the Gods?

37. To which family of fish does the Sprat belong?

38. In which London cemetery is Karl Marx buried?

39. Who played Yosser Hughes in The Boys from the Blackstuff?

40. What does Patrick McGoohan find at the end of "The Prisoner" when he unmasks Number One ?  


1. Jim Hacker

2. Captain Haddock

3. Haemoglobin

4. Hair

5. Hairy

6. Halley's Comet

7. Hamilton

8. Hamley's

9. Susan Hampshire

10. Hansard

11. Happy Birthday

12. Harare

13. Haricot Beans

14. Gerald Harper

15. Bob Harris

16. Richard Harris

17. Take Hart 

18. Hartley

19. Havana

20. Haw

21. Jack Hawkins

22. Hazel

23. Wm Randolph Hearst

24. Heartbreak Hotel

25. Ernst Heinkel

26. Helga

27. He-Man

28. Don Henderson

29. Lenny Henry

30. Katherine Hepburn

31. Heracles

32. Herb Garden

33. Hereward The Wake

34. Her Indoors

35. Hermaphrodite

36. Hermes

37. Herring

38. Highgate

39. Bernard Hill

40. Himself


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