Alphabetical Quiz 21

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many thanks Ted, a great idea.

The idea is that all the answers to the following questions follow each other in alphabetical order.

1. Italo Marcione patented what item for helping to make confectionary on 13th December 1903

2. What was used to assassinate Trotsky in Mexico?

3. What was the former name of JFK Airport?

4. What does 'nescient' mean?

5. What was Stravinsky's first name?

6. What was Liberace's theme tune?

7. What I is a small antelope found in Southern Africa?

8. What was Al Capone finally jailed for in 1931?

9. What began broadcasting in Britain for the first time on 22 September 1955

10. What does IPA stand for in a beer?s name?

11. Which country has the most Muslims in the world?

12. What killed 20 million people in 1918?

13. What is the family name in The Little House on the Prairie?

14. What is the surname of the brothers Robert and Charles, who founded a watch-manufacturing company in 1887?

15. Who presented the TV nostalgia programme All Our Yesterdays?

16. What is the motto of the USA?

17. In Are You Being Served, who plays Mr Humphries?

18. Who wrote The Mary Deare, ship of mystery & tragedy?

19. What is International Criminal Police Organisation better known as?

20. What are the first three words of the bible?

21. To whom were David McCallum and Charles Bronson both married?

22. Which band had UK top 10 hits with Run To The Hills, Can I Play With Madness?

23. By what name is the Thames known as it flows through Oxford?

24. Women of which religion wear the 'burqa'?

25. Where in England is Albany Prison?

26. What sort of triangle has just two sides of equal length? .

27. What 2 countries border the Dead Sea?

28. Both Conway Twitty (58) & Glen Campbell (70) had hits with which song?

29. Which quiz show has Jonathan Ross as Question Master, and Julian Clary and Phil Jupitus as team captains?

30. What was Capt Ahab's peg-leg made of in Moby Dick?


1. Ice Cream Cone Moulds

2. Ice Pick

3. Idlewild

4. Ignorant.

5. Igor.

6. I'll be seeing you

7. Impala

8. Income Tax evasion

9. Independent Television

10. India Pale Ale

11. Indonesia

12. Influenza

13. Ingalls

14. Ingersoll.

15. Brian Inglis

16. In God we Trust

17. John Inman

18. Hammond Innes

19. Interpol

20. In the beginning

21. Jill Ireland

22. Iron Maiden

23. Isis.

24. Islam.

25. Isle of Wight

26. Isosceles

27. Israel and Jordan

28. Its Only Make believe

29. It?s only TV but I like it.

30. Ivory


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