Alphabetical Quiz 23

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many thanks Ted, a great idea.

The idea is that all the answers to the following questions follow each other in alphabetical order.

1. What is the capital of Afghanistan?

2. What desert spreads from Botswana into SW Africa?

3. What is the Japanese word for "divine wind"?

4. What dam was opened in Rhodesia on 17th May 1960

5. What is the name of Inspector Clouseau's manservant?

6. What would you be in if you did an Eskimo Roll?

7. What movie star was known as The Great Stone Face?

8. Who won Best Actress Oscar for Annie Hall in 1978?

9. Private Eye readers know Prince Philip as who?

10. On 19th February 1906, the Battle Creek Cereal Company was formed, by what name is it now more famous

11. What film star became Princess of Monaco?

12. Who was assassinated on 5th June 1968 whilst campaigning for the US presidency

13. What county is known as The Garden of England?

14. In which American State is Fort Knox?

15. Who was the first president of independent Kenya?

16. What frog stars in The Muppet Show?

17. Who was The Galloping Gourmet?

18. What bridge over the Thames leads to Kew Gardens?

19. What police force did Mack Sennett create?

20. The Soviet secret police are known by their initials: what are they?

21. What capital stands at convergence of Blue/White Nile?

22. In human biology, which organ removes excess salt from the blood?

23. What doctor did American author Max Brand create?

24. Who played Batman in the film Batman Forever?

25. What part of highland dress is a filibeg?

26. What is the collective noun for kittens?

27. What movie monster's home was Skull Island?

28. Who played the title role in the film Ghandi?

29. What is the capital of Jamaica?

30. If two people are osculating, what are they doing?

31. What is nickname of New Zealand Rugby LEAGUE team?

32. What region of Yukon was scene of a famous Gold Rush?

33. What are Trinity, Trellis, Cable and Ladder of Life?

34. At which ground do St Helen?s rugby league club play?

35. What is the world's largest living lizard?

36. In which war is the M.A.S.H set?

37. Which K used to appear regularly on the front page of the Dandy for many years?

38. Which Moscow building has a name meaning citadel?

39. On which planet was Superman born?

40. Who played Kato in the Pink Panther films?  


1. Kabul

2. Kalahari

3. Kamikaze

4. Kariba Dam

5. Kato

6. Kayak or canoe

7. Buster Keaton

8. Diane Keaton

9. Keith

10. Kellogs

11. Grace Kelly

12. Robert Kennedy

13. Kent

14. Kentucky

15. Jomo Kenyatta

16. Kermit

17. Graham Kerr

18. Kew Bridge

19. Keystone Kops

20. KGB

21. Khartoum

22. Kidneys

23. Dr Kildare

24. Val Kilmer

25. Kilt

26. Kindle

27. King Kong

28. Ben Kingsley

29. Kingston

30. Kissing

31. Kiwis

32. The Klondike

33. Knitting Stitches

34. Knowsley Road

35. Komodo Dragon

36. Korean

37. Korky the Kat

38. The Kremlin

39. Krypton

40. Bert Kwouk  


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