Alphabetical Quiz 32

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1. What Walt Disney film was the first to combine visual images with concert music?

2. What three words, when separated make up the motto of the Olympic games?

3. In the music world, how is Norman Cook better known?

4. Which comedy series is set on Craggy Island?

5. What was the name of the bomb dropped on Nagasaki during World War II?

6. What name is given to the young of a deer?

7. What are the names of the four stations on a Monopoly board?

8. Whose assassination is said to have led to the outbreak of the first world war?

9. Which Abba song has the line "Do you still recall that fateful night we crossed the Rio Grande"?

10. By what name is the domesticated albino variety of polecat better known?

11. Who was European footballer of the year for 2000?

12. What was the last film in the "Omen" trilogy featuring the character of Damian?

13. Aristotle claimed that all matter on Earth was made of which four elements? .

14. Which band had a number one hit single called "Star Trekkin"?

15. "Fierce Creatures" was the follow up to which film?

16. Who played Princess Leia in the film "Star Wars"?

17. In the Simpsons who runs the store called the "Leftorium"?

18. Who invented penicillin in 1928?

19. Who were the first animated television couple to sleep in a double bed?

20. In which American state is Cape Canaveral, a launching site for space travel?

21. Which 1986 film had the tag-line "Be afraid. Be very afraid."?

22. Who played General George Custer in the film "They Died With Their Boots On"?

23. Who played Cat Ballou in the 1965 film of the same name?

24. Who played the President in the film "Air Force One"?

25. Who had hits called "Waiting For A Girl Like You"&"I Want To Know What Love Is"?

26. Who wrote "The Odessa File", "The Fourth Protocol" and "The Fist Of God"?

27. Which type of animal was Robin Hood in the Disney cartoon film 'Robin Hood'?

28. Which novelist works include "Dead Cert", "Comeback" and "To The Hilt"?

29. Which famous book is sub-titled "The Modern Prometheus"?

30. Which two singers duetted on the 1987 hit "I Knew You Were Waiting For Me"?

31. Jodie Foster, Mel Brooks and Cindy Crawford have all lent their voices to phone callers on what TV sitcom?.

32. Lentigines is the medical term for what?

33. What was Robbie Williams first solo top ten single called?

34. In the TV sitcom "Friends", where does Joey keep his favourite book?

35. Which of the major tennis tournaments is played at the Roland Garros Stadium?

36. What was the name of the craft in which John Glenn first orbited the Earth in 1962?

37. According to the nursery rhyme, if little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice, what are little boys made of?

38. In which Bond film does the character of Q appear for the first time?

39. What is sold by a costermonger?

40. Which film was a biography of singer-comedienne Fanny Brice and who played the leading role?


1. Fantasia

2. Faster, higher and stronger.

3. Fatboy Slim

4. Father Ted

5. Fat Man

6. Fawn

7. Fenchurch Street Kings Cross, Marylebone Street, and Liverpool Street

8. Archduke Ferdinand's

9. Fernando

10. Ferret

11. Luis Figo

12. The Final Conflict

13. Fire Earth, Air, and Water

14. The Firm

15. Fish Called Wanda

16. Carrie Fisher

17. Ned Flanders

18. Sir Alexander Fleming

19. Fred and Wilma Flintstone

20. Florida

21. The Fly

22. Erroll Flynn

23. Jane Fonda

24. Harrison Ford

25. Foreigner

26. Frederick Forsyth

27. A fox

28. Dick Francis

29. Frankenstein

30. Aretha Franklin / George Michael

31. Frasier

32. Freckles

33. Freedom

34. In the freezer

35. French Open

36. Friendship 7

37. Frogs and snails and puppy dogs' tails.

38. From Russia With Love

39. Fruit

40. Funny Girl, Barbra Streisand


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