Alphabetical Quiz 36

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many thanks Ted, a great idea.

The idea is that all the answers to the following questions follow each other in alphabetical order.

1. What single letter is the chemical symbol for the element Potassium?

2. The German form of the word Emporer?

3. Who in1983 had a hit with Too Shy

4. A kind of cabbage leaf

5. Grey, Red, Rat And Tree are all types of which creature?

6. Another name for china clay

7. Fibre used for padding in pillows, mattresses, etc

8. In fashion, what does the letter K stand for in DKNY?

9. In 1983, what was Culture Club's first No.1 in the UK music charts?

10. What does the letter K stand for in the author J. K. Rowling's name?

11. What silent film star had a contract which forbid him from smiling on screen?

12. Which K was the star of many Woody Allen films, as well as being his lover?

13. Who starred in "Dial M For Murder", "Rear Window" and "High Society"?

14. Pertaining to the absolute scale of temperature

15. Which two brothers played the title roles in the 1990 film "The Krays"?

16. Which club is concerned with pedigree in the dog world

17. Name the 7 English counties which border the south coast?

18. Paraffin distillation from petrol?

19. What is the winged seed of the ash called?

20. Composer of the Spartacus music

21. Apart from Cairo, which other Capital City stands on The River Nile?

22. In soccer, from which two kicks must the ball go forward?

23. Which part of the body is affected by Bright's disease?

24. Which people of Kenya led a campaign of terrorism against British rule in the 1950s led by Jomo Kenyatta?

25. Who produced the early works by the band Genesis and was responsible for giving them their name?

26. Which town stands at the mouth of the Great Ouse

27. Who wrote the 1995 novel "Rose Madder"?

28. What Is The Capital Of Jamaica?

29. The term for someone who can't stop stealing?

30. What is the world's oldest airline?

31. To work up into dough or paste

32. Which song has been a hit for Eddie Floyd, Otis Redding, Ami Stewart and David Bowie?

33. Which war was ended by the signing of an armistice on 27th July 1953?

34. Which 2002 computer virus was named after a popular female tennis player?

35. Chinese for "bump head" a gesture of servility

36. Which Dutchman won the men's singles title at Wimbledon in 1996?

37. What provides the staple diet of the blue whale

38. What is the name of the robot butler In TV’s Red Dwarf

39. Who directed the film "Dr Strangelove"?

40. What K is a travel company with its headquarters in Switzerland?


1. K

2. Kaiser

3. Kajagoogoo

4. Kale

5. Kangaroo

6. kaolin

7. Kapok

8. Donna Karen New York

9. Karma Chameleon

10. Joanne Kathleen

11. Buster Keaton

12. Diane Keaton

13. Grace Kelly

14. Kelvin

15. Gary Kemp and Martin Kemp.

16. Kennel

17. Kent East Sussex West Sussex Hampshire Dorset Devon Cornwall

18. Kerosene

19. Key

20. Khachaturian

21. Khartoum (Sudan)

22. Kick-offs and penalties

23. The kidneys

24. Kikuyu

25. Jonathan King

26. Kings Lynn

27. Stephen King

28. Kingston

29. Kleptomaniac

30. KLM

31. Knead

32. Knock On Wood

33. The Korean War

34. Kournikova

35. Kowtow

36. Richard Krajicek

37. Krill

38. Kryton

39. Stanley Kubrick

40. Kuoni


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