Alphabetical Quiz 44

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many thanks Ted, a great idea.

The idea is that all the answers to the following questions follow each other in alphabetical order.

1. What are the three water signs of the Zodiac.

2. In the cartoon series "Wacky Races", who drove the "Compact Pussycat"?

3. Which American City is named after a British Prime Minister?

4. What item of food inspired the idea for the computer game pac man?

5. In what film does Clint Eastwood play a radio d.j. stalked by an ex-fan?

6. In the series of children's 'Noddy' books, what is the name of the policeman?

7. What did Mario do for a living in the video game "Super Mario Brothers"?

8. What 1995 animated Disney film featured a raccoon called Meeko and a hummingbird called Flit?

9. Who solves the crime in "Death on the Nile"?

10. What do the initials "PVC" stand for?

11. Who was General de Gaulle's successor as President of France ?

12. Which folk opera, in which all the cast were black, did George Gershwin write the music for?

13. What is the surname of the family in the TV series "2 point 4 children"?

14. In which harbour did the Mary Rose sink in 1545?

15. What country did Romans call Lusitania?

16. Which cartoon takes place in Greendale in Cumbria?

17. Which children's author wrote about the characters Squirrel Nutkins and Tom Kitten?

18. In literature, which fictional character has parents called Lily and James?

19. In which European capital city would you find Wenceslas Square?

20. After being accused of sexism, which politician said in 2000, "A macho man? Moi?"

21. For what film did Julia Roberts first receive a best actress nomination at the Oscars?

22. What name is given to a leading female singer in an Opera, and to describe someone who is temperamental and hard to please?

23. What is added to make the full title of the Shakespeare play referred to as "Hamlet"?

24. How was the Volstead Act of 1919 better known in America?

25. Other than the Sun, what is the nearest star to the Earth?

26. In which "ology" were Freud and Jung active?

27. What is the chemical symbol for the element Plutonium?

28. Which Quentin Tarantino film won the main prize at the 1994 Cannes film festival?

29. What is another name for the mountain lion?

30. Which mountain range separates France and Spain?


1. Pisces, Aquarius and Cancer

2. Penelope Pitstop

3. Pittsburgh

4. Pizza (with a slice missing)

5. Play Misty For Me

6. Mr Plod

7. Plumbing

8. Pocahontas

9. Hercule Poirot

10. Polyvinyl chloride

11. Georges Pompidou

12. 'Porgy and Bess

13. Porter

14. Portsmouth

15. Portugal

16. Postman Pat

17. Beatrix Potter

18. Harry Potter

19. Prague

20. John Prescott

21. Pretty Woman

22. Prima Donna

23. Prince Of Denmark

24. Prohibition

25. Proxima Centauri

26. Psychology

27. Pu

28. Pulp Fiction

29. Puma

30. Pyrenees


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