Alphabetical Quiz 47

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many thanks Ted, a great idea.

The idea is that all the answers to the following questions follow each other in alphabetical order.

1. What are the five categories of taste that the human tongue can detect?

2. What were the first names of the two main characters in the film "Grease"?

3. What is the name given to a triangle where all sides are of different lengths and all angles of different size?

4. Which two TV actors provided the voices for the cartoon characters Penfold and Dangermouse?

5. Devil's apron and purple laver are types of what?

6. When Brazil won the 1994 soccer World Cup, to which famous sportsman did they dedicate it?

7. What is name of the Scottish ball game, similar to hockey, in which a player would use a caman to hit the ball?

8. Sand consists of what two chemical elements?

9. Who released the album "Wednesday Morning" in 1964?.

10. Which animated TV character said "I'm not normally a religious man, but if you're up there, save me, Superman"?

11. The brightest star in the night sky and one of the closest to Earth is often called the Dog Star, but what is it's official name?

12. Which famous building is used for the election of a Pope?

13. In which sport might you adopt the "egg" position?

14. What was the name of Superman's hometown on Earth?

15. What is a taipan?

16. What is the popular name for the antirrhinum?

17. In the "Harry Potter" novels, what species of owl is Hedwig?

18. Which TV puppet has its own museum in Shipley in Yorkshire?

19. What became Hot Chocolate's first UK number one single in 1977?

20. Which group had top ten hits with "Gangsters" and "Nelson Mandela"?

21. What was the title of the Spice Girls' debut album?

22. What is the name of the city in which The Simpsons live?

23. Who played Nora Batty in the TV series "Last Of The Summer Wine"?

24. What is a "Treskilling Yellow", which was sold at an auction for over 2 million dollars in 1996?

25. "The Cage" was the 1964 pilot episode of which TV series?

26. What was the sequel to the film "Saturday Night Fever" called?

27. Who wrote the book "The Grapes Of Wrath"?

28. Who wrote the 2001 biographical book called "Billy"?

29. Which famous Hollywood actor (not including Presidents) had the highest military rank as a Brigadier General in the US Army Reserve?

30. What is Patsy's surname in the TV show "Absolutely Fabulous"?

31. Who directed the film "Natural Born Killers"?.

32. Which theatre in London was originally called the Waldorf?

33. Which Beatles single gave its name to the John Lennon memorial garden in Central Park?

34. Which actress played the female lead in the film "Out Of Africa"?

35. Which Stealers Wheel song is playing in "Reservoir Dogs" when Mr Blonde tortures a police officer?

36. Which element is used in vulcanising rubber?

37. In "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", what is Buffy's last name?

38. What was the title of Oasis' 1994 debut single?

39. FINA is the governing body of which sport?

40. What was the name of Basil's wife in "Fawlty Towers"?


1. Salt, Sweet, Sour, Umami and Bitter

2. Sandy and Danny

3. Scalene

4. Terry Scott and David Jason

5. Seaweed

6. Ayrton Senna

7. Shinty

8. Silicon and Oxygen

9. Simon and Garfunkel

10. Homer Simpson

11. Sirius

12. The Sistine Chapel

13. Skiing

14. Smallville

15. A snake

16. Snapdragon

17. Snowy Owl

18. Sooty

19. So You Win Again

20. The Specials

21. Spice

22. Springfield

23. Kathy Staff

24. A stamp

25. Star Trek

26. Staying Alive

27. John Steinbeck

28. Pamela Stephenson

29. James Stewart

30. Stone

31. Oliver Stone

32. The Strand

33. Strawberry Fields Forever

34. Meryl Streep

35. "Stuck In The Middle With You"

36. Sulphur

37. Summers

38. Supersonic

39. Swimming

40. Sybil


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