Literature Quiz 3

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Literature Quiz1. Which bird did the Ancient Mariner kill?

2. Whose schoolmates were Bob Cherry, Frank Nugent and Harry Wharton?

3. Which heroine, a member of an outlaw family, falls in love with John Rudd in a famous novel?

4. In Wuthering Heights, what is Cathy?s surname?

5. In which H.G. Wells novel do invading aliens get killed by the common cold?

6. Who wrote Robinson Crusoe?

7. Who wrote Blott on the Landscape?

8. Which film star?s autobiography was called "My Wicked Wicked Ways"?

9. What was the name of the Bronte sister?s only brother?

10. Who was the Yorkshire vet who wrote "All Creatures Great and Small"?

Which authors created the following fictional characters ?

11. Dracula

12. The Scarlet Pimpernel

13. Tommy and Tuppence

14. Mike Hammer

15. Gemima Puddleduck

16. Billy Bunter

17. Bilbo Baggins

18. Harry Palmer

19. Hal 9000

20. Augustus Snodgras  


1. Albatross

2. Billy Bunter

3. Lorna Doone

4. Earnshaw

5. The War of the Worlds.

6. Daniel Defoe

7. Tom Sharpe

8. Errol Flynn

9. Branwell

10. James Herriot

11. Bram Stoker

12. Baroness Orczy

13. Agatha Christie

14. Mickey Spillane

15. Beatrix Potter

16. Frank Richards

17. JRR Tolkien

18. Len Deighton

19. Arthur C Clarke

20. Charles Dickens


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