Sherlock Holmes Quiz 1

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1. In which novel did Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson first appear?

2. Who was Sherlock Holmes?s housekeeper and landlady?

3. What number Baker Street was Sherlock Holmes address?

4. Which Sherlock Holmes story brought him back from his literary death?

5. In Michael Dibdins controversial work The last Sherlock Holmes Story set towards the end of the 19th century in London what is the surprise twist at the end?

6. Who does Holmes refer to as the Napolean of Crime? 
    (alternate question: Who was Sherlock Holmes' archenemy?)

7. What was the name of Holme?s wise elder brother?

8. Which musical instrument did Holmes play?

9. Who played Dr Watson to Basil Rathbones Sherlock Holmes?

10. What is Dr Joseph Bells connection to Sherlock Holmes?  

11. Which famous quote by Sherlock Holmes was never actually said?

12. In the Sherlock Holmes story ?Silver Blaze? who or what is the murderer?

13. Who narrates the Sherlock Holmes Stories?


1. A Study in Scarlet

2. Mrs Hudson

3. 221b

4. The Hound of the Baskervilles

5. He is Jack the ripper

6. Professor Moriarty

7. Mycroft

8. Violin

9. Nigel Bruce

10. He was the man the character was based

11. Elementary, my dear Watson

12. A horse

13. Dr. Watson


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