Paintings Quiz 1

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1. Which famous landscape artist painted The Hay-Wain?

2. Canaletto was famous for painting his native city - which city was this?

3. What was the European nationality of Titian?

4. Who designed St Paul’s Cathedral

5. In which gallery would you see the Mona Lisa?

6. In which century did the pre-Raphaelite painters flourish?

7. Which famous Spanish surrealist painted the picture “The Persistence of Memory”?

8. “Paradise” by Tintoretto found in the Doge Palace, Venice is famous, why?

9. Which of the following was a cubist: Matisse, Renoir, Monet, Picasso

10. By what name was Domenico Theotocopulli better known?  


1. Constable

2. Venice

3. Italy

4. Sir Christopher Wren

5. The Louvre

6. 19th

7. Salvador Dali

8. The Worlds Largest

9. Picasso

10. El Greco  


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