17th February Quiz

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1. In 1864, during the American civil war, the H.L. Hunley became the first what to sink a battleship?

2. Born today in 1930, who created Inspector Wexford?

3. Birthday boy Lou Diamond Philips played which Rock n Roll singer in the 1987 film ?La Bamba??

4. The Blaine Act marked the ending of what in the USA on this day in 1933?

5. 78 today (2007), which actress played Hyacinth Bucket in Keeping Up appearances?

6. Gary Kasparov beat which computer in a chess game today in 1996?

7. Born today in 1963, with which sport do we associate Michael Jordan?

8. Geronimo died on this day, but in which decade, A) 1880s, B) 1890s or C) 1900s?

9. Madam Butterfly first appeared at La Scala, Milan today in 1904, who wrote it?

10. How old is Barry Humphries today (2007)?

11. Born this day in 1941 - this singer was best known for the Song - 24 hours from Tulsa - name him?

12. On this day in 1904, Madame Butterfly had its world premiere at La Scala in Milan - who composed the opera?

13. On this day in 1960, the Everly Bros signed with Warner Bros Records in a 10 year contract worth $1 million. What are their first names?

14. Born on this day in 1945 - this Irish woman won Best supporting Actress Awards for her portrayal of Christy Brown?s mother in - My Left Foot?

15. In 1876, Julius Wolff was credited with being the first to can what - was it a) paint b) sardines or c) beans?

16. Billie Joe Armstrong was born today in 1972 - he is lead singer with what US group who had a hit with American Idiot?

17. On this day in 1975 - the last album - Rock n? Roll was released by this Beatle before he left the music business for 5 years - which Beatle was this?

18. On this day in ?76, this group released their Greatest Hits album. Later in 1980 when they split, one member said - ?If we ever play together again it will be when Hell freezes over?. They have since done 3 World tours and are playing in Dublin and Galway this year- Who are they?

19. This P.H. was born today in 1981. She is famous as a TV personality, actress, model, author and business woman - who is she?


1. Submarine

2. Ruth Rendell

3. Richie Valens

4. Prohibition

5. Patricia Routledge

6. Deep Blue

7. Basketball

8. C - 1909

9. Puccini

10. 73

11. Gene Pitney

12. Puccini

13. Don and Phil

14. Brenda Fricker

15. Sardines

16. Green Day

17. John Lennon

18. The Eagles

19. Paris Hilton


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