17th August Quiz

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1) Born 1892, the actress who made ?Come up and see me sometime? her by-line, who?

2) Born 1920, the actress who at 19 played Esmerelda in the film The Hunchback of Notre Dame with Charles Laughton, who?

3) Born 1926, the flamboyant English jazz singer, autobiographer, journalist, critic and broadcaster?

4) Born 1943, Robert De Niro for what film did he win a best supporting Oscar in 1974?

5) Born 1951, the English boxer who won the world middleweight title in 1980?

6) Born on this day Robin Cousins, in which year did he win gold at the Winter Olympics?

7) Died 1983, the brother of George Gershwin, who?

8) Who Died on this day in Spandau prison in 1987?

9) On this day, Mrs Bridget Driscol died. What was notable about her death?

10) On this day 1989 the first non-stop flight took place between London and where?  


1) Mae West

2) Maureen O?Hara

3) George Melly

4) Godfather Part II

5) Alan Minter

6) 1976

7) Ira Gershwin

8) Rudolf Hess

9) First Pedestrian killed by a motor vehicle

10) Sydney, Australia


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