24th February Quiz

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The following quiz questions were submitted by Perry Bartlett. Perry runs a quiz night at Floyd's Bar, Cerro Branco, Albufeira in Portugal every Saturday & Wednesday night at 10pm. Many thanks Perry.

1. The Nazi party was founded on this day in 1920, in which German city?

2. Dennis Waterman is 59 today (2007), in which TV cop show does he play Gerry Standing?

3. On this day in 1938, which everyday item became the first commercial product to be made from nylon?

4. Booby Moore passed away on this day in 1993; one of his middle names was shared with a London football club, which one?

5. Born today in 1942, with which 60s pop group was Paul Jones the original singer?

6. Who was first elected as president of Argentina today in 1946?

7. Alain Prost is 52 today (2007), how many times was he world F1 champion?

8. 26 today (2007), what nationality is tennis player Lleyton Hewitt?

9. Which late rock singer married actress and musician Courtney Love on this day in 1992?

10. How old is Walter Smith today (2007)?


1. Munich

2. New Tricks

3. Toothbrush

4. Chelsea

5. Manfred Mann

6. Juan Peron

7. 4

8. Australian

9. Kurt Cobain

10. 59


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