24th August Quiz

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1) Born on this day 1724 The Englishman famous for his paintings of horses?

2) Which Scottish Golfer and husband of actress Suzanne Danielle was Born on this day 1953?

3) Died on this day the Irish Adventurer who tried to steal the Crown Jewels , who?

4) On this day AD79 which volcano erupted and buried the city of Pompeii?

5) 1814, which US city was invaded by British Troops?

6) 1847, Charlotte Bronte sent her manuscript of Jane Eyre to her publisher, under what name did she send it?

7) On this day 1940 Which medical journal reported the first purification of Penicillin?

8) On this day 1957, who made his debut at 17 for Chelsea?

9) On this day Annabel Hunt appeared nude in which British Opera, the 1st nude performance in a British Opera Production?

10) On this day 1989 Bass Brewers bought which US Hotel Chain to become the world?s biggest hotelier?  


1) George Stubbs

2) Sam Torrance

3) Captain Blood

4) Mount Vesuvius

5) Washington

6) Currer Bell

7) The Lancet

8) Jimmy Greaves

9) Ulysses

10) Holiday Inn  


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