27th February Quiz

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The following quiz questions were submitted by Perry Bartlett. Perry runs a quiz night at Floyd's Bar, Cerro Branco, Albufeira in Portugal every Saturday & Wednesday night at 10pm. Many thanks Perry.

1. The discovery of which artificial sweetener was announced today in 1879?

2. ?Grapes of Wrath?, ?east of Eden? and ?Of Mice and Men? were all books by which American author, who was born today in 1902?

3. ?Why do Fools Fall in Love?, ?Goody Goody? and ?I?m not a Juvenile Delinquent? were all hits for which singer, who died aged just 25 on this day in 1968?

4. Which British political party was formed today in 1900?

5. Steve Harley is 57 today (2008), what was the name of his backing band?

6. The Reichstag building was burned down in which city on this day in 1933?

7. 35 today (2008), in which country was singer Peter Andr? born?

8. Spike Milligan passed away today in 2002, what was his real first name?

9. Who was enthroned as the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury today in 2003?

10. How old is Elizabeth Taylor today (2008)?


1. Saccharin

2. John Steinbeck

3. Frankie Lymon

4. Labour

5. Cockney Rebel

6. Berlin

7. England

8. Terence

9. Rowan Williams

10. 76


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