26th October Quiz

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1) Born on this day 1879 Lev Davidovich Bronstien, how was he better known?

2) Born on this day 1916, the man who became French President in 1981, who?

3) Born on this day 1919 Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, he was the last man to hold which title?

4) Born on this day 1942, the actor who starred in the literacy program On the Move, before moving onto bigger and better things, who?

5) Died on this day 1972 the man who developed the first successful helicopter in 1938, who?

6) On this day 1863, which association was formed in London?

7) On this day 1881 at Tombstone Arizona, what famous battle took place?

8) On this day in which year did The Beatles receive their MBE?s at Buckingham palace?

9) On this day 1984, what was unusual about an operation on a Californian baby known by the name Fae?

10) On this day 1986, who resigned as Deputy Chairman of the Conservative party?  


1) Leon Trotsky

2) Francois Mitterand

3) The Shah of Iran

4) Bob Hoskins

5) Igor Sikorsky

6) Football Association

7) Gunfight at the OK Coral

8) 1965

9) Given a Baboons heart

10) Jeffrey Archer  


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