12th April Quiz

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The following quiz questions were submitted by Perry Bartlett. Perry runs a quiz night at Floyd's Bar, Cerro Branco, Albufeira in Portugal every Saturday & Wednesday night at 10pm. Many thanks Perry.

1. The Union flag was officially adopted as the flag of Great Britain in which century?

2. Born today in 1941, for which club was Bobby Moore playing when he lifted the World Cup in 1966?

3. Known as The Brown Bomber, which former world heavyweight boxing champion died today in 1981?

4. Who tested the first jet engine designed to power an aircraft in Rugby today in 1937?

5. ?Daydreamer? and ?How Can I Be Sure? were hits for which 70s teen idol, who is 58 today?

6. 29 today (2008), actor Paul Nicholls first found fame in which TV soap opera?

7. Who became the first man in space today in 1961?

8. ?Tiptoe Through the Tulips? was a novelty hit in the 1960s for which American musician who was born today in 1932?

9. The first shots of which war were fired in Charleston, South Carolina today in 1861?

10. How old is David Letterman today (2008)?


1. 17th (1606)

2. West Ham Utd

3. Joe Louis

4. Sir Frank Whittle

5. David Cassidy

6. Eastenders

7. Yuri Gagarin

8. Tiny Tim

9. American Civil War

10. 61


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