12th February Quiz

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1) On this day 1809 the 16th President of the US was born , whom?

2) Born on this day also in 1809 the author of The Origin of Species, who is it?

3) Died this day in 1553 the Lady Jane Grey for how many days did she reign?

4) Died on this day 1929 the English actress born Emily Charlotte Le Bretton, by what name was she better known?

5) Died on this day Lorne Green the star of Bonanza, but in what year?

6) On this day 1818, which countries independence was proclaimed in it?s capital Santiago?

7) On this day 1861 the first what was played between Sheffield and Hallam?

8) On this day 1887 who demonstrated his articulating telephone?

9) On this day 1912 which country became a republic after overthrowing the Manchu dynasty?

10) On this day 1954, The British Standing Advisory committee on cancer claimed that the illness had a definite link with what?  


1) Abraham Lincoln

2) Charles Darwin

3) 9 Days

4) Lillie Langtry

5) 1987

6) Chile

7) Inter club football match

8) Alexander Graham Bell

9) China

10) Cigarette Smoking  


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