11th November Quiz

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1) On this day 1880 which Australian outlaw was hanged outside a Melbourne Jail?

2) On this day 1918 in what sort of vehicle was the armistice between the allies and Germans signed?

3) On this day in 1921 what was first celebrated?

4) On this day 1962, which Labour leader was quoted as saying ?If I had the choice between smoked salmon and tinned salmon. I?d have tinned salmon , with Vinegar??

5) On this day 1940 the Willysland Overland company launched a 4 wheel drive vehicle. What was it called?

6) On this day 1952 which common electrical household appliance was first demonstrated in Beverley Hills by its inventors John Mullin and Wayne Johnson? (TV, Video recorder, CD or the Microwave)

7) On this day in which year did Ian Smith declare UDI for Rhodesia?

8) On this day 1975 Angolla gained independence from which European country?

9) Born on this day 1947, Cricketer Rodney Marsh, what nationality is he?

10) Born on this day the star of films such as Striptease and GI Jane, who?  


1) Ned Kelly

2) Railway Carriage

3) Poppy day

4) Harold Wilson

5) Jeep

6) Video Recorder

7) 1965

8) Portugal

9) Australian

10) Demi Moore  


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