27th June Quiz

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The following quiz questions were submitted by Perry Bartlett. Perry runs a quiz night at Floyd's Bar, Cerro Branco, Albufeira in Portugal every Saturday & Wednesday night at 10pm. Many thanks Perry.

1. Who became the last British monarch to lead his troops into battle at Dettingen today in 1743?

2. The founder of the Mormons was murdered by a mob today in 1844, who was he?

3. Born today in 1949, in which field is Vera Wang a famous name?

4. Which comedy actor became the first man in Britain to use an ATM today in 1967?

5. Who did birthday girl Meera Syal marry in January 2005?

6. Which British general lead the troops at the siege of Quebec, which began today in 1759?

7. 27 today (2007), where was England batsman Kevin Pietersen born?

8. Muhammad Ali announced his retirement from boxing today in 1979, how many times did he win the World Heavyweight title?

9. Known as The Ox, what was the name of The Who?s bass player, who passed away today in 2002?

10. How old is Tommy Cannon today? (2007)


1. George II

2. Joseph Smith

3. Fashion Design

4. Reg Varney

5. Sanjeev Bhaskar

6. James Wolfe

7. South Africa

8. 3

9. John Entwistle

10. 69


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