27th July Quiz

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1) Born 1929, the author of novels such as The Eagle Has Landed?

2) Born 1944, The singer born Roberta Lee Streeter, who went onto sing ?Ode to Billy Joe?, How is she better known?

3) Born 1955, Australian cricket captain and scorer of over 6000 runs in test cricket?

4) Born 1958, The skating partner of Jane Torvill?

5) Died 1970, Antonio De Salazar, over which country did he dictate?

6) Died 1984, The English Actor whose last film was ?The Shooting party??

7) 1921, which drug, a treatment for diabetes, was isolated?

8) 1949, The worlds first Jet Airliner flew, what was it?

9) 1953, Which war ended with the signing of an armistice at Panmunjom?

10) 1988, Jeff Gutteridge became the first British Athlete to be banned for life for taking anabolic steroids, at what sport did he excel?  


1) Jack Higgins

2) Bobbie Gentry


4) Christopher Dean

5) Portugal

6) James Mason

7) Insulin

8) The Comet

9) Korean War

10) Pole Vault


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