23rd March Quiz

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The following quiz round was submitted by Mike Parker from the UK. Many thanks Mike, a great round.

1.   In 1956 which country became the first Islamic republic in the world?

2.   Elisha Otis had his first elevator installed in a building in which city?

3.   The youngest daughter of the Duke of York was born in this day in 1990. What is her name?

4.   Comedian Russell Howard was born in March 23rd 1980. He regularly appears on which TV show hosted by Dara O?Briain?

5.   Which boxer, born on March 23rd 1972 recently retired as only the second Briton to retire as an undefeated world champion?

6.   Which cricketer, born on March 23rd 1968, was captain of  England for a record 54 tests?

7.   Mark McLachan was born on this day in 1965 and achieved fame as the lead singer of a Scottish band. By what name is he better known?

8.   Sir Steve Redgrave celebrates his birthday today. In which Olympic Games did he win the first of his five gold medals?

9.   Born on March 23rd in 1905 which Hollywood legend was portrayed by Faye Dunaway  in the 1981 film ?Mommie Dearest??

10. Damon Albarn was born in this day in 1968. Name one other founder member of Blur.


1. Pakistan

2. New York

3. Eugenie

4. Mock the Week

5. Joe Calzaghe

6. Michael Atherton

7. Marti Pellow

8. 1984 (Los Angeles)

9. Joan Crawford

10. 10. Graham Coxon, Alex James or Dave Rowntree


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