16th April Quiz

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1) The last battle fought on mainland Britain took place today in 1746, where was it? 

2) Charlie Chaplin was born today in 1889, but where was he living at the time of his death in 1977?  

3) ?The Bridge on the River Kwai?, ?Lawrence of Arabia? and ?Dr. Zhivago? were all epic directed by which British film director, who died today in 1991?  

4) Syria became independent today in 1946, what is the capital city of Syria? 

5) Born today in 1942, with which sport do we associate Sir Frank Williams? 

6) Which actor, who died today in 1995, played Mr. Harman in ?Are You Being Served?? 

7) The Queen launched the last royal Yacht today in 1953, what was it called? 

8) ?I told you I was Ill? is the epitaph to which great writer and performer who was born today in 1918? 

9) The Great Train Robbers were sentenced today, but in which year? 

10) How old is actress Ruth Madoc today (2008)?  


1. Culloden

2. Switzerland

3. Sir David Lean

4. Damascus

5. F1

6. Arthur English

7. Britannia

8. Spike Milligan

9. 1964

10. 65


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