25th December Quiz

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1) Born Christmas Day 1887 Nicholson Hilton, the founder of one of the world?s largest Hotel chains, what was his first name, which is also the name given to their super deluxe hotels?

2) Born on Christmas Day 1918, which ex President of Egypt?

3) Born on Christmas Day 1899 the famous actor who had the middle name DeForrest, who made his debut in the film The Petrified Forest in 1936?

4) Born on Christmas Day 1949, the cousin of actor Rip Torn who went onto play the title roles in Carrie and a Coalminers Daughter?

5) Born on Christmas Day 1954 the one time singer with the Eurythmics, who?

6) Died on Christmas Day in which year Charlie Chaplin, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992

7) On this day in which year was William the Conqueror crowned at Westminster Abbey?

8) On this day in 1864 the traditional swim in the Serpentine first took place, in which park?

9) On Christmas Day in 1950 what was stolen from Westminster Abbey?

10) Which political leader was executed alongside his wife on Christmas Day 1989?  


1) Conrad

2) Anwar Sadat

3) Humphrey Bogart

4) Sissy Spacek

5) Annie Lennox

6) 1977

7) 1066

8) Hyde Park

9) The Stone of Scone

10) Nicolae Ceaucescu  


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