24th May Quiz

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1) Born OTD (on this day) 1819, which British monarch?

2) Born OTD 1686 the German physicist who invented the mercury thermometer, what is his surname?

3) Born OTD 1941 Robert Allen Zimmerman, how is this singer better known?

4) Died OTD 1974 Edward Kennedy Ellington, what was his nickname?

5) Which famous British prison opened OTD 1809 to house French prisoners of war?

6) OTD 1844, what was significant about the phrase ?What God hath wrought??

7) OTD 1941 which German battleship sank HMS Hood off the coast of Greenland killing almost all of her 1421 crew?

8) OTD 1956, Lys Assia was the first winner of which annual competition?

9) OTD 1959 what was Empire day renamed as?

10) Born OTD 1855 the English playwright best remembered for The Second Mrs Tanqueray, who?


1) Victoria

2) Fahrenheit

3) Bob Dylan

4) Duke

5) Dartmoor

6) 1st Morse code message sent

7) Bismarck

8) Eurovision Song Contest

9) Commonwealth Day

10) Sir Arthur Wing Pinero


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