25th January Quiz

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1) Scotland?s national poet Robert Burns was born on this day in which century?

2) Born OTD 1627 the scientist Robert Boyle, his famous law relates which 2 properties of gases?

3) Born OTD 1857 Henry Cecil Lowther, he became a Lord and gave his lordly name to a famous type of sporting belt, what?

4) Died OTD 1947, which gangster from a brain haemorrhage brought on by syphilis?

5) OTD 1533 Henry VIII married the second of his wives, who?

6) OTD1996 13 year old Sarah Cook hit the headlines why?

7) OTD 1924, the first winter Olympics took place where?

8) OTD 1938, the Northern lights were seen as far south as London?s West End, what is the correct name for these lights?

9) OTD 1971, whose gang was found guilty of the murder of Sharon Tate?

10) OTD 1981 the gang of 4 broke away from the Labour party, who were they? (Alt. John Cleese sued which daily newspaper after they claimed he had become like Basil Fawlty in real life)  


1) 18th (1759)

2) Pressure and Temperature

3) Lonsdale (Not Judo!)

4) Al Capone

5) Anne Boelyn

6) She married an 18 year old turkish lad she met on holiday wither parents consent (Ugly)

7) Chamonix

8) Aurora Borealis

9) Charles Manson

10) Roy Jenkins, Shirley Williams, David Owen, Bill Rodgers (The Mirror)


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