18th November Quiz

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1) On this day 1910 there were more than 100 arrests when which group of people stormed the House of Commons?

2) On this day in 1928 Mickey Mouse made his cartoon debut in which film?

3) On this day 1477 who published ?The dictesor sayinges of the philosophores?, the first book to be published?

4) Which building in Rome was consecrated ON THIS DAY 1626

5) On this day 1977 who became the first Egyptian president to address the Israeli parliament

6) On this day in which year did a fire break out at King?s Cross underground station killing 30 people?

7) On this day in which year was Terry Waite freed from captivity?

8) Born on this day the daughter of Marti, who was a kid in America, who?

9) Born on this day in which century the English dramatist W S Gilbert?

10) Died on this day 1962, the scientist Niels Henrik Bohr, what nationality was he?  


1) Suffragettes

2) Steamboat Willie

3) William Caxton

4) St Peter?s Basilica

5) Anwar Sadat

6) 1987

7) 1991

8) Kim Wilde

9) 19th Century

10) Danish  


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