14th November Quiz

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1) On this day 1922 which corporation started broadcasting?

2) On this day in 1952 which charts were first published?

3) On this day 1940, which city was bombed by the krauts?

4) On this day 1973 which footballer played his last match for England?

5) On this day 1991 Prince Sihanouk returned to Phnom Penh after 13 years of Exile. In which country is Phnom Penh?

6) Happy Birthday to Prince Charles, how old is he?

7) Happy Birthday to Freddie Garrity who is 61. With which 60?s popular beat combo did he achieve fame?

8) Which famous English actress dies On this day 1687?

9) Died this day 1991, Tony Richardson the film director. Which actress was his wife?

10) ON THIS DAY 1963, the island of Surtsey was born by volcanic eruption. Off the coast of which country is the isle of Surtsey?  


1) BBC

2) Pop Charts

3) Coventry

4) Bobby Moore

5) Cambodia

6) 48

7) Freddie and the dreamers

8) Nell Gwyn

9) Vanessa Redgrave

10) Iceland  


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