14th October Quiz

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1) Born on this day 1644 William Penn founder of a Quaker Colony, which US city is named after him?

2) Born on this day Actor Roger Moore, how old is he today (1 year either way)?

3) Born on this day 1896, one half of a famous duo, Chaim Reeven Weintrop, how was he better known?

4) Born on this day 1940, actor Christopher Timothy, which vet is he famous for portraying?

5) Born on this day 1940 Pop Star Harold Webb, how is he better known?

6) Died on this day 1944 by cyanide poisoning before he could be arrested for his part in a plot to kill Hitler, which Army General?

7) Died on this day 1959, which Tasmanian born Swashbuckling actor?

8) Who Died on this day 1977 on a golf course in Madrid?

9) On this day 1878, what first took place at Bramhall lane, Sheffield?

10) On this day 1968, which London Railway station opened?  


1) Pennsylvania

2) 70 (allow 69-71)

3) Bud Flannagan

4) James Herriot

5) Cliff Richard

6) Rommel

7) Errol Flynn

8) Bing Crosby

9) First Football Match under floodlights

10) Euston  


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