15th February Quiz

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1) On this day 1812, Charles Tiffany was born, in which city will you find his famous Jewellers?

2) On this day 1874 The British Antarctic explorer who accompanied Scott's first expedition in 1901 was born in Ireland, who is it?

3) Born on this day 1951, the English actress who starred in Live and Let die in 1973, who is it?

4) Born on this day Galileo in 1564, what nationality was he?

5) Born on this day 1929, the English racing driver who was the first man to win the Indianapolis 500 on his first attempt, who is it?

6) Died on this day 1965, the famous father of the female singer who had a hit in the eighties with Pink Cadillac, who is the father?

7) On this day 1922 the first Permanent Court of International Justice was held where?

8) On this day in which year did the Japanese capture Singapore?

9) On this day in which year did Britain go decimal?

10) On this day 1974 the battle of the Golan Heights between Syria and which other country?s forces began?  


1) New York

2) Earnest Shackleton

3) Jane Seymour

4) Italian

5) Graham Hill

6) Nat King Cole

7) The Hague

8) 1942

9) 1971

10) Israel  


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