15th July Quiz

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1) Born on this day 1606, the Dutch painter famous for The Night Watch, who?

2) Born on this day 1933, Julian Bream, other than the Lute, which instrument does he play?

3) Born on this day in which country, singer Linda Rondstadt?

4) Died this day General Charles Stratton in 1883. What was his nickname?

5) Died this day 1904, the Russian playwright who wrote The Cherry orchard, who?

6) Composed On this day 1857, the French National anthem, what is it called?

7) Which saints day is it today?

8) Died on this day 1881, William H Bonney the outlaw, how was he better known?

9) On this day 1948, the British Branch of which association which helps those with a particular problem was opened, what problem?

10) On this day 1869, Hippoloyte Mouries patented which foodstuff?  


1) Rembrandt

2) Guitar

3) Usa

4) Tom Thumb

5) Anton Chekov

6) La Marsellaise

7) St Swithens

8) Billy The Kid

9) Alcoholics

10) Margarine  


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