28th October Quiz

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1) On this day 1636 which was the first University to be founded in the USA?

2) On this day 1746 an earthquake destroyed the city of Lima. In which country is Lima?

3) On this day 1886 what was given to the United States by the French people?

4) On this day 1914 which person announced the introduction of the colour photographic process?

5) On this day in which year did the House of Commons vote by a margin of 112 votes to apply for EEC membership?

6) Born on this day 1927 the singing wife of Johnny Dankworth. Who is it?

7) Born on this day 1941, which member of the Shadows?

8) Died this day 1975 Frenchman George Carpenter. In which sport did he achieve fame?

9) On this day 1982, Felipe Gonzalez, became the first socialist Prime Minister in which country?

10) Reported On this day 1984, which author said ?France is the only place where you can make love in the afternoon without people hammering on your door??  


1) Harvard

2) Peru

3) Statue of Liberty

4) George Eastman

5) 1971

6) Cleo Laine

7) Hank Marvin

8) Boxing

9) Spain

10) Barbara Cartland  


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