28th May Quiz

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1) Born on this day in 1759 Britain?s youngest ever prime minister, who?

2) Born this day in 1908 the Author of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, who?

3) Born on this day in 1918, the actress who starred in A taste of Honey and presented BBC?s Songs of Praise. Who is she?

4) On this day in 1967 Gypsy Moth IV returned to Plymouth after completing the Solo Navigation of the world. Who was at the helm?

5) Born on this day in 1968 the TV actress who had a hit with Better the Devil you know , who is she?

6) On this day in history Diego Maradona was transferred for a record ?5 million pounds from Argentina Juniors to which club?

7) Eric Morecambe Died on this day in history but in which year?

8) Where exactly did Mathias Rust land his aircraft On this day in History in 1987?

9) On this day in 1990, the boat The Maiden arrived in Southampton after completing the Whitbread Round the World race. What was unusual about this boat?

10) On this day in 1995, who had pole position in toady?s Monaco Grand Prix?  


1) William Pitt the Younger

2) Ian Fleming

3) Thora Hird

4) Sir Francis Chichester

5) Kylie Minogue

6) Barcelona

7) 1984

8) Red Square

9) First ever all woman crew

10) Damon Hill  


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