1st February Quiz

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1) Born on this day 1895 Sean Aloysius O?Fearna the US film director who directed such films as Stage Coach and The Grapes of Wrath, how is he better known?

2) Born on this day 1901 the actor known as The King of Hollywood, who?

3) Born on this day 1918, Murial Spark, what is her most famous book?

4) Died on this day 1940 Lord Tweedsmuir, how was he better known?

5) Died on this day in which decade Joseph Buster Keaton?

6) On this day 1884 the first edition of which famous dictionary was first published?

7) Which police force was formed On this day 1920 in Canada?

8) What happened to P J Proby On this day 1965?

9) Who was arrested On this day 1974 in Rio de Janeiro?

10) On this day 1981 Gro Harlem Brundland became the first women Prime Minister of which country?  


1) John Ford

2) Clark Gable

3) The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

4) John Buchan

5) 1960s

6) Oxford English

7) Royal Canadian Mounted Police

8) Deliberately split his trousers

9) Ronald Biggs

10) Norway  


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