1st June Quiz

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1) Born on this day in 1857 Infamous French Entertainer Joseph Pujol. What was his stage name?

2) Born on this day in 1926 Marilyn Monroe. In which year did she die?

3) Born on this day in 1944 the actor who made his leading role debut in TV?s Jesus of Nazareth. Who is he?

4) Born on this day in 1930 Edward Woodwood. Who is his wife?

5) Died on this day in 1959 the creator of the inscrutable Fu Manchu. Who was it?

6) Which Beatles album was released On this day in 1967?

7) On this day in 1946 the TV licence was introduced. How many pounds did it cost?

8) On this day in 1910 who set sail from London?s east India Dock for the south pole?

9) On this day in 1979 Rhodesia became what?  


1) La Petomane

2) 1962

3) Robert Powell

4) Michelle Dotrice

5) Sax Rohmer

6) Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

7) ?2

8) Captain Scott

9) Zimbabwe  


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