1st March Quiz

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1) OTD (on this day), it is the feast day of which patron saint of where?

2) Born OTD 1810 Frederic Chopin in which country?

3) Born OTD 1910, the actor who wrote the books The Moon?s a balloon and Bring on the empty horses, who?

4) Born OTD 1945, the lead singer with The Who, who?

5) Born OTD 1940the first Briton to become a World Champion at show jumping, who?

6) Died OTD 1988 the actor Joe Besser, which of the 3 stooges did he play (alt died OTD 1983 the actor Jackie Coogan in which film did he play opposite chaplin)?

7) OTD 1959 who ended his exile and returned to Cyprus?

8) OTD 1880 which US state became the first to abolish slavery?

9) OTD 1978 whose coffin was stolen from its Swiss grave?

10) OTD 1990 what did the Navy abolish?  


1) St David of Wales

2) Poland

3) David Niven

4) Roger Daltry

5) David Broom

6) Curley (The Kid)

7) Archbishop Makarios

8) Pennsylvania

9) Charlie Chaplin

10) Rum rations


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