20th August Quiz

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1) Born 1924, the country singer who had a number 1 hit in the 60?s with distant drums, who?

2) Died, 1912, William Booth, what organisation did he found?

3) Died 1989, George Adamson the British naturalist, murdered by bandits in Kenya. What was his wife?s name?

4) On this day 1913, what was first cast by Harry Brearly in Sheffield?

5) On this day 1924, which British runner refused to run at the Paris Olympics because it was a Sunday?

6) On this day 1940, who was struck on the head with an ice pick in Mexico by an agent of Stalin?s?

7) On this day 1940 who said ?Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few??

8) On this day 1956 What was opened at Calder Hall in Cumberland?

9) On this day 1968, Soviet troops invaded which country?

10) On this day 1989, What was the name of the Thames pleasure cruiser that sank killing 51 people?  


1) Jim Reeves

2) The Salvation Army

3) Joy Adamson

4) Stainless Steel

5) Eric Liddel

6) Leon Trotsky

7) Winston Churchill

8) Britain?s First Nuclear Power Station

9) Czechoslovakia

10) The Marchioness


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