20th July Quiz

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1) Born 1919, The New Zealand High Commissioner to India who was the first man to reach the summit of Everest?

2) Born 1938, the actress that played Emma Peel, who?

3) Died 1937, the inventor and pioneer of modern radio telegraphy, who is it?

4) Died 1973, the US martial arts star whose films created an international Kung-Fu craze , who?

5) Died 1989, The English Comedian famous for reflecting his arms and legs in a shop window, who?

6) 1588, who or what set sail from Corunna?

7) 1837, London?s first railway station opened, what?

8) 1944, Von Staufenberg was executed, why?

9) 1968, who broke off her engagement to Paul McCartney during a television interview?

10) 1982, Where in London did an IRA bomb explode killing 2 guardsmen and 7 army horses?  


1) Edmund Hillary

2) Diana Rigg

3) Marconi

4) Bruce Lee

5) Harry Worth

6) The Spanish Armada

7) Euston

8) For an attempt on Hitler?s Life

9) Jane Asher

10) Horse Guards Parade  


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