20th March Quiz

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1. OTD (on this day) in which year was the city of Tokyo paralysed after a gas attack in its subway?

2. Born OTD 1823 the Norwegian poet and playwright famous for A Dolls House and Hedda Gabler?

3. Born OTD 1917, the English singer who became the Forces Sweetheart during WW2, who?

4. Died OTD 1727 Sir Isaac Newton, the English scientist, where is he buried?

5. OTD 1602 The Netherlands government set up which company that was to become the world?s most powerful company during its 96-year history?

6. OTD 1806 the foundation stone of which French prisoner of war camp was set in Devon?

7. OTD 1815 Napoleon returned from exile where to take power for 100 days in France?

8. Published OTD 1852 Harriet Beecher Stowes famous Anti Slavery novel, what was it called?

9. OTD what sank off the coast of the Kent coast in stormy weather?

10. OTD 1974 Ian Ball tried to kidnap whom in London?s Mall?  


1. 1995

2. Henrik Ibsen

3. Vera Lynn

4. Westminster Abbey

5. The Dutch East India Company

6. Dartmoor

7. Elba

8. Uncle Toms Cabin

9. Radio Caroline

10. Princess Anne


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