21st August Quiz

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1) Which member of the Royal Family was Born on this day 1930?

2) Born 1933, Dame Janet Baker, in what field did she achieve fame?

3) Which US jazz pianist and bandleader who perfected the big band sound was Born on this day 1904?

4) Born 1933, the Broadcaster and Journalist son of film director Leslie Norman, who is it?

5) On this day 1901, the Cadillac Motor Company was formed in which US city?

6) On this day 1911, the painting now known as La Gioconda was stolen from the Louvre. How is this painting more commonly known?

7) On this day Which island group became the 50th state of the Union?

8) On this day 1976 Mary Langdon joined the emergency services and became Britain?s first what?

9) On this day 1983, who was shot dead on his return to Manila airport?

10) On this day in which year were Britain?s Licensing laws amended to allow them to stay open 12 hours Monday - Saturday?  


1) Princess Margaret

2) As an Opera and Concert Singer

3) Count Basie

4) Detroit

5) Barry Norman

6) The Mona Lisa

7) Hawaii

8) Firewoman

9) Benigno Aquino

10) 1988  


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