10th July Quiz

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1) Born 1895, the German composer of Carmina Burana, who is it?

2) Born 1917, Reg Smythe, which working class hero did he create?

3) Born 1927, The former Manager of Leeds and England, who?

4) Died 1099, the Spanish Hero Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, how is he better known?

5) Died 1806, the English painter famous for his portraits of Horses. Who is it?

6) Died 1989, the voice behind Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker and Daffy Duck to name but a few, who is it?

7) 1900, Which cities underground was opened?

8) 1962, which satellite was launched and became the first communications satellite?

9) 1985, Name the Greenpeace ship damaged by an explosion in Auckland?

10) 1989, who became the first Catholic to play Rangers FC?  


1) Carl Orff

2) Andy Capp

3) Don Revie

4) El Cid

5) George Stubbs

6) Mel Blanc

7) Paris Metro

8) Telstar

9) Rainbow Warrior

10) Maurice Johnston  


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