17th July Quiz

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1) Born 1909, the dressmaker to the Queen, who is it?

2) Born 1889, the creator of the lawyer Perry Mason, who?

3) Born on this day Wayne Sleep, but in which year?

4) Born 1899, the actor who starred in the movies The Public Enemy and Angels With Dirty Faces, who?

5) Born 1935, Donald Sutherland, What nationality is he?

6) Died 1959, the US jazz singer later played by Diana Ross in the movie ?Lady Sings The Blues?, who is it?

7) 1841, which satirical magazine was first published?

8) 1917, The Saxe-Coburg Gotha family changed their name to what?

9) 1968, Which animated film featuring a Beatles soundtrack was premiered On this day?

10) 1969, Opening night of which daring sex revue in New York. Critics said it gave Pornography a bad name?  


1) Hardy Amies

2) Earl Stanley Gardner

3) 1948

4) James Cagney

5) Canadian

6) Billie Holiday

7) Punch

8) Windsor

9) Yellow Submarine

10) Oh Calcutta  


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