29th June Quiz

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1) Died this day 1861, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, as what was she famous?

2) Died this day 1967, the actress Vera Jayne Palmer, in a car accident, how was this actress better known?

3) On this day 48bc who defeated Pompey to become absolute ruler of Rome

4) On this day 1801 what was first conducted in Britain?

5) On this day 1905 which organisation was formed to counter police harassment and speed traps?

6) On this day 1956, Arthur Miller, the playwright, married which actress in London?

7) On this day 1966, what became the first credit card in Britain?

8) On this day 1974 who became President of Argentina as a result of illness of her husband?

9) On this day in 1986 Challenger II claimed which title when it broke the record for crossing the Atlantic?

10) On this day 1980 Vigdis Finnbogadottir became the first female president of which country?  


1) Poet

2) Jayne Mansfield

3) Julius Caesar

4) Census

5) AA

6) Marilyn Monroe

7) Barclaycard

8) Isabel Peron

9) Blue Ribband

10) Iceland  


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