29th May Quiz

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1) Born on this day in history in 1917 the first Roman Catholic President of the USA who was it?

2) Born on this day in 1903 Bob Hope. What was the first of his films in the road to series?

3) Born on this day the mother of TV host Emma Forbes. Who is she?

4) Died this day in 1829 the inventor of the Miners safety lamp, who was he?

5) Which composer of the Savoy operas Died on this day in 1911, whilst rescuing a drowning lady

6) Died this day in 1979, actress Mary Pickford. Which film company did she help to establish?

7) On this day 1453 Constantinople fell to the Turkish army, how is this city now known?

8) In 1977 who at the age of 11 became the youngest player to ever compete in a national chess championship?

9) On this day in 1985 which 2 teams were playing at the Heysal Stadium when disaster occurred

10) Which 2 people conquered Everest On this day in 1953?  


1) John F Kennedy

2) Road to Singapore

3) Nanette Newman

4) Humphrey Davy

5) WS Gilbert

6) United Artists

7) Istanbul

8) Nigel Short

9) Liverpool and Juventas

10) Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing  


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