21st May Quiz

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1) Born on this day 1916 the author of the novels The Carpetbaggers and The Betsy, who?

2) Born on this day 1904, Thomas Waller, the Jazz musician, what was his nickname?

3) Died this day in which century Henry VI?

4) Discovered today 1502, by the island of St Helena, in which ocean?

5) Opened today, the famous cemetery Pere Lachaise, burial ground of the rich and famous, in which city?

6) On this day 1894, who opened the Manchester Ship canal?

7) On this day 1904, which footballing body was founded?

8) On this day 1916, what did we do with our watches for the first time?

9) On this day 1966, who ended Henry Coopers hopes of winning the world heavyweight crown. (Correct name)

10) On this day 1979, who became the first Rock star to perform in the USSR?  


1) Harold Robbins

2) Fats

3) 15th (1471)

4) Atlantic

5) Paris

6) Queen Victoria

7) Fifa

8) Forward 1 Hour

9) Cassius Clay

10) Elton John  


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